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Freedom Film Investment Information

This post is to raise awareness of the time, work, money, dedication, and persistence it takes to keep the Freedom Film Dream alive. We continue to plan on a 30-day shoot in Oklahoma in the spring 2024.

This will acknowledge the five individual investors who a year and a half ago invested in the Freedom Film project. Those initial investors remain first on the list for immediate repayment when funds are available.

The initial funds were used for the creation of a film budget and to pay consulting fees to the film production company Buffalo 8. Although we are not currently under contract with Buffalo 8, they continue to support us and remain interested in funding Freedom through their subsidiary company Bondit Media Capital, when certain things are in place.

Now that we are so close to production there is a need to raise additional funds. I’ll be posting a link soon to the Slated website which will include additional information about the Freedom Film investment process.

Promissory notes, written agreements, and proof of an escrow account will be provided to interested investors.

Freedom Movie Production, LLC is a legitimate corporation filed in Oklahoma for the purpose of film production.

Beware of SCAMS. Legitimate investors are beginning to consider film a viable investment. We are not here to SCAM anyone. We are reaching out to loyal followers of the Freedom Film Project who recognize the progress we have made over the past years and who are aware of our determination to take the film Freedom to full production in the spring 2024.

Investors who invest $250 or more will be invited to appear as background actors on the set when Freedom is filmed and receive an autographed copy of Anita Waggoners book Freedom.

Freedom won for Best Western Script in the Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas last October. Freedom has won or placed as a finalist in several film festivals over the last several years.

Anita Waggoner’s book Freedom inspired the film. The book itself has received high accolades and amazing reviews from readers.

The purpose of the Friends of Freedom Facebook Group site is to keep you advised and aware of our film making progress.

Funds raised will be deposited in an escrow account set up with Bank of America.

A copy of the Pitch Deck, Budget, and Script are available to serious donors/investors.

Each day brings additional out-of-pocket expenses for festival entries, website maintenance, supplies, software, rewrites, research, securing potential cast, location travel, etc. The film making process is not easy, nor cheap.


The Producers of the film will seek accredited investors who understand this risk. The ideal investor is one who believes that Freedom should be shown to the widest audience possible. With this goal in mind, the producers have established an accurate budget and prepared a marketing strategy for major and self-release. This is to eliminate the element of chance and to ensure future returns.


The cost of developing and producing motion pictures is often underestimated and may be increased by reasons or factors beyond the control of the producers. The mistake many inexperienced filmmakers make is to begin preproduction and principal photography before all elements are in place for the successful completion and delivery of a quality product. The producers intend to mitigate these production risks in three ways:

Ensure key elements are satisfactorily addressed and resolved before the production phase (large expenditures) begins. Such issues include finalizing a script, engaging a reputable script clearance company to address legal issues, and ensuring the film has a committed cast in place that have both the skills and draw to attract distributors as well as an audience.

Create alternate plans for personnel and workflow that limit production delays due to unexpected circumstances. The filmmakers of Freedom are experienced in the field and possess excellent production planning and execution skills. Essential factors in planning are to have qualified personnel available to step into key positions in case of emergency. To that end, the Production Team will have alternate shooting locations readily available when inclement weather is anticipated and will build the production schedule so it can easily accommodate necessary changes. The Production Team also has excellent relationships in a wide variety of shooting locations, meaning all vendors/equipment, etc., will be obtained at fair and even heavily discounted rates.

Respectfully submitted:

Anita Waggoner, CEO – Freedom Movie Production, LLC

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