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CHEYENNE – A striking and accomplished woman in her late forties, Cheyenne has long been accustomed to a life of opulence. However, her world is shattered when her ex-husband blindsides her, leaving her heartbroken and wary of further emotional entanglements. Amidst the turmoil of a bitter divorce, Cheyenne finds herself feeling jaded and hesitant to trust again, her greatest fear being the loss of another loved one.

Enter Rowdy, a smooth-talking and charismatic cowboy whom Cheyenne encounters in the vibrant bustle of Las Vegas. Instantly captivated, Cheyenne falls deeply and swiftly for Rowdy, a chance encounter that irrevocably alters the course of her life. Despite the allure of their whirlwind romance, Cheyenne recognizes the stark reality of Rowdy's modest cowboy lifestyle. Witnessing his daily struggles to make ends meet, she resolves to carve out a place for herself in his world.

Drawing upon her business acumen, Cheyenne invests her resources into Rowdy's faltering bull business and dilapidated ranch, determined to support him in overcoming the challenges they face together. Each day presents new obstacles, yet Cheyenne rises to the occasion, revealing her inner strength and resilience as she learns to navigate the rugged landscape of a tough man's world.


ROWDY - A captivating cowboy in his late 40s, Rowdy exudes charm and determination. Slightly younger than Cheyenne, he toils tirelessly to maintain his ranch and nurture his herd of cattle. Despite financial struggles, he endeavors to woo Cheyenne with the resources he can muster. His recent divorce from a deceitful wife who relocated with their children leaves him grappling with rejection and heartbreak, a sentiment he shares with Cheyenne.

Initially, Rowdy showers Cheyenne with adoration, treating her like royalty. However, when Cheyenne injects capital into their ranch and bull business to foster success, Rowdy's pride begins to falter. Succumbing to alcohol as his pride diminishes, he undergoes a transformation in his demeanor towards Cheyenne, inadvertently pushing her away as a defense mechanism. As tensions mount, Rowdy reaches a pivotal realization: he cannot endure being reliant on Cheyenne's financial support. Driven by a desire to improve and fueled by his love for Cheyenne, he resolves to change his ways.


KATIE – A vivacious woman in her forties, exudes pride in her Italian heritage and exuberance for life. Basking in the glow of her family's wealth and the ample alimony from her third ex-husband, she lives a lavish lifestyle befitting her status. Katie's father amassed his fortune through lucrative dealings with connections in the mob, thanks to his insurance business. A retired flight attendant with a passport stamped from countless worldly adventures, Katie finds joy in indulging her passions: gambling, golfing, savoring red wine, and soaking up the sun on sandy beaches.

Her friendship with Cheyenne traces back to their college days, where an instant bond formed between the two. Katie, with her flirtatious nature and penchant for revelry, injects excitement and laughter into every moment they share. Together, they navigate life's ups and downs, forging a bond that withstands the test of time.


CODY - A seasoned rancher in his fifties, embarks on a trip to Las Vegas alongside Rowdy for the National Finals Rodeo. Despite his marital status, Cody grapples with loneliness, having sought solace in multiple extramarital affairs over the years. Drawn to Katie's allure, he finds himself captivated by her presence during their chance encounter in Sin City.

Beneath Cody's rugged exterior lies a penchant for adventure and a streak of luck at the gambling tables, traits that he eagerly shares with Katie as they explore the city together. Despite being slightly shorter and possessing a bow-legged stance, Cody radiates an aura of confidence that belies his physical stature, carrying himself with the self-assuredness of a much taller man. In Katie's company, he revels in the excitement of the moment, relishing every moment spent in the presence of a beautiful woman.


NORMA JEAN - In her forties, Norma Jean epitomizes the rough and resilient spirit of an Oklahoma cowgirl. As Rowdy's former high school sweetheart, she harbors lingering feelings for him that refuse to fade with time. Consumed by jealousy and unresolved emotions, Norma Jean frequently inserts herself into Rowdy and Cheyenne's relationship, stirring up trouble whenever possible.

With a hardened demeanor and a tenacious spirit, Norma Jean is unrelenting in her quest to disrupt the happiness of her former flame and his newfound love. Despite the passage of years, she remains steadfast in her determination to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers, sparing no effort to sow discord between Rowdy and Cheyenne at every opportunity.

SHERIFF - In his fifties, the Country Sheriff embodies the quintessential lawman of the countryside. Despite being married, he can't resist the temptation to engage in flirtatious banter with other women, including Cheyenne. Intrigued by the dynamics between Cheyenne and Rowdy, the Sheriff finds himself drawn to their relationship, eager to unravel its complexities.

With a keen awareness of Rowdy's past and lifestyle, the Sheriff is committed to ensuring that Cheyenne receives fair treatment. Despite any personal inclinations, his sense of duty and justice remain unwavering. As he navigates the intricacies of small-town life and its inhabitants, the Sheriff's integrity, and determination to uphold the law serve as guiding principles in his interactions with Cheyenne, Rowdy, and the community at large.


TRACE– Trace, a middle-aged rancher and familiar face at the local Freedom bar, has been friends with Rowdy since their high school days. Known for his smooth-talking ways, Trace doesn't hesitate to flirt with Cheyenne upon their first encounter, only to be rebuffed by her. Undeterred, he shifts his focus to Norma Jean, Rowdy's former high school sweetheart, aiming to charm his way into her affections.

RYAN – In his forties, Cheyenne's soon-to-be ex-husband exudes the demeanor of a brash car dealer. With an air of arrogance, he readily admits to Cheyenne the existence of another woman in their opening scene, sparking a confrontation that escalates into a heated argument, culminating in his stormy departure.

Throughout the narrative, he intermittently contributes through voice-over segments, offering insights into his perspective on the unfolding events. Additionally, he makes a notable appearance in the initial scene, leaving a lasting impression with his confrontational attitude and the revelation of his betrayal.


IDA – In her late twenties, Cheyenne's mother epitomizes a slender, dark-haired woman of striking beauty.

JOHN – In his thirties, Ida's boyfriend embodies the rugged charm of a cowboy, with weathered features and a handsome demeanor. Despite his allure, his struggles with alcoholism cast a shadow over his rugged exterior.

GRANDPA LEO – In his mid to late sixties, this older cowboy exudes rugged charm with a lean and fit physique. His handsome features are accentuated by a twinkle in his eye, hinting at a mischievous and adventurous spirit. Despite his age, he maintains a happy-go-lucky attitude, unafraid to stand his ground when faced with adversity. With a lifetime of experiences under his belt, he faces life's challenges with a fearless determination and a readiness to tackle whatever comes his way.

YOUNG CHEYENNE - Cheyenne at eight years old is a delightful blend of spunk and charm, with her blonde hair radiating sunshine. As a little cowgirl, she exudes an outgoing personality, brimming with energy and enthusiasm. With her endearing charm and infectious spirit, she effortlessly captivates those around her, leaving a trail of smiles wherever she goes.

BUSTER: - Buster serves as Rowdy's trusted aide on the ranch, his right-hand man in all matters concerning the land and livestock.

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