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Determined to escape the heartache of divorce, a socialite meets a down-and-out Oklahoma cowboy in Las Vegas. She leaves a perfect world to live with him on his isolated ranch. She invests in his bull business and learns to survive in a tough man’s world.




The Production Team has secured LOIs for the lead role of CHEYENNE. High-profile talent is also being approached for supporting roles in the film. Cast is being sought on the basis of artistic sensibilities, bankability, and marketing awareness.




The financial requirement for this plan is $4.26 million to provide for the development, production, and post-production deliverables for the film. The structure allows for both a traditional distribution path of an acquisition deal as well as a self-motivated release strategy of the film.




The Production Team is discussing attaching strong international sales representation to present Freedom globally at major film markets. The budget for the proposed film has been designed with the financial return in mind and has been structured to be flexible. The return strategy is based on a practical plan for accessing traditional urban and drama markets. Additionally, the production team will position the film toward individuals looking for a new drama film with complex characters and a unique setting. Limited Theatrical, New Media, Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD), DVD/Blu-Ray, broadcast, and foreign distribution outlets will be pursued—each with specific intent.





Writer, Executive Producer Anita Waggoner is the granddaughter of Omak, Washington rodeo legend Leo Moomaw. A professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, Anita has been involved in many successful business ventures. She and her ex-husband owned a variety of car dealerships. After going through a difficult and long divorce, the lady with a “pioneering” spirit, ran away from the heartbreak of divorce to live in the small country cow town, Freedom, Oklahoma.

The film Freedom is one of pure grit and survival. It is based in part on Anita Waggoner's true life story.

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