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Pre-Production (4 Weeks)

Set up production offices and accounting department.

Final casting, cast rehearsals, and fittings.

*  Inform major and mini-major distributors of production status and establish tracking procedures.

*  Hire complete production team and crew.

Complete all production design planning.

Adjust and finalize production schedule and budget.

Book all equipment according to schedule.

*  Complete location scouting, contracting, and permitting.

Engage music licensing and pre-recording.

* Book all travel and arrangements according to schedule and agreements.

Principal Photography (4 Weeks)

*    Engage in all activities involving picture and field sound acquisition on a twenty-day shooting schedule.

*     Schedule and execute any needed pickup shots and/or reshoots.

   Wrap all outstanding business issues and ensure  documentation is complete.

   Finalize, document, and back up all creative assets for post-production.

 *    Finalize all accounting for audit.

Development (Currently Underway)

  Fully develop the shooting script

 Complete preliminary shooting schedule

 Complete preliminary budget

 Secure preliminary talent commitments

 Secure project funding


Post-Production (10 weeks)

 Complete editorial of film

 Engage music scoring and record score

*   Engage sound design including all Foley and looping activities


*  Complete all digital effects and color correction

*   Schedule and execute test screenings and collect data appropriately

*   Make adjustments to final edit based on test screening data

*   Mix and master final sound and picture for Dolby mix and/or THX Digital Master

*   Complete all deliverables for domestic and foreign release  including  sound, music, trailer, print

*   (film and digital), DVD, publicity, and legal requirements

Marketing and Distribution (Varies)


*  Fully engage in all market-focused film festivals

*   Schedule screening for distributors in Los Angeles

 Schedule screenings for leadership of special interest groups

*   Contingent on mini-major or new media distributor interest, engage self-distribution plan (See Marketing and Release Strategies)

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