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 Writer/Executive Producer Anita Waggoner.

         Anita Waggoner is a gutsy entrepreneur with an extensive background in business, writing, and marketing . An outgoing, strong independent woman, Anita is blessed with  the creative ability to show readers how to overcome hurdles and disappointments in their own lives. Her books are based on personal life experiences. She has an uncanny propensity to move the story forward. Once a reader opens one of her books, they can't put it down.

          Anita and her partner Marvin Nixon raised world-class rodeo bulls on the Freedom ranch. Their branded Rocking A bulls performed at PBR and PRCA rodeo events in cities around the United States from 1996 through 2009. The Movie Freedom is Anita Waggoner's true story.

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 Lisa Varga Actress/ Co-Writer/Producer:

          Lisa once made Hollywood her home. She presently resides in South Bend, Indiana and is now sharing her knowledge and experience with aspiring actors everywhere. Her most notable acting roles include Homeland (Showtime), Game Time: Tackling the Past (NBC),  and Marley and Me (Twentieth Century Fox). She won the "best actress" award at the Movieville International Film Festival for her starring role as Janice McKenzie.

          She was a recurring host on HSN, and hosted many other shows and events throughout her career. Lisa is a producer, writer, and director and the CEO of Lisa Varga Entertainment. She is an acting coach, media coach, and mentor to her acting students. Her goal is to bring Hollywood home to anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming an actor.

          Lisa has created a trusted brand name for herself. In her spare time, she is involved with numerous charities. She is well-respected in her community, and in the entertainment business. Lisa is a multi-talented individual.

Scott Knudsen Actor/Associate Producer


Scott Knudsen is a 5th generation Texas cowboy with a business degree. He owns Knudsen Equine Center, Knudsen Horses, and Knudsen Cattle Company.An American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Professional Horseman and AQHA Ambassador. He’s ridden rough stock (broncs and bulls) to racehorses, team roped, penned, and sorted. Knudsen’s ridden cutting horses, worked rescues, and trained Thoroughbreds to Morgans and Mustangs.


Scott hosts the weekly Cowboy EntrepreneurⓇ show which broadcasts worldwide from iHeart to Spotify to Apple and on Southern California’s KCAA Radio. Scott wrote two books, ”You Can’t Crack That Egg Twice” and “Sage Advice from a Real Texas Cowboy”. Scott will play the co-staring role of Tim in the Freedom movie. Knudsen is a contributing writer to Performance Horse Digest, a national publication with over 600,000 print and online subscribers.