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Freedom Writers/Producers

Anita Waggoner is a gutsy entrepreneur with an extensive background in business, writing, and marketing. An outgoing, strong independent woman, Anita is blessed with the creative ability to show readers how to overcome hurdles and disappointments in their own lives. Her books are based on personal life experiences. She has an uncanny propensity to move the story forward. Once a reader opens one of her books, they can't put it down.​ Anita and her partner Marvin Nixon raised world-class rodeo bulls on the Freedom ranch. Their branded Rocking A bulls performed at PBR and PRCA rodeo events in cities around the United States from 1996 through 2009. The Movie Freedom is Anita Waggoner's true story.

Anita Waggoner - Writer/Executive Producer/Actressading 6

Lisa Varga is an award-winning actress, writer, and successful producer. Her most notable acting roles include Homeland (Showtime), Game Time: Tackling the Past (NBC), Marley and Me (Twentieth Century Fox), and she won the "best actress" award at the Movieville International Film Festival for her starring role as Janice McKenzie. Lisa will play the lead role of “Cheyenne” in the Freedom movie. Lisa is also the co-writer and producer on the Freedom movie. The Freedom screenplay won the “Best Western”

screenplay award at the 2022 Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas. Lisa was a recurring host on HSN and hosted many other shows and events throughout her career. Lisa is the owner and CEO of Lisa Varga Entertainment and has created a trusted brand name for herself. In her spare time, Lisa is involved with numerous charities. She is well-respected in her community, and in the entertainment business.

Lisa Varga -  Co-Writer/Actress/Producer
Jacob Young - Actor/Producer

Jacob Wayne Young resides in South Carolina with his wife and three children. Six-time Emmy nominee and Emmy Award winner Jacob Young burst onto TV screens at the young age of 17, and he has been working consistently ever since. Jacob is recognized in over 100 countries from over twenty years on television. Because of his world-wide appeal, he has been dubbed in almost every known language. Jacob has earned the nickname “one take Jake” for his preparedness and ability to work quickly and under pressure, always delivering a polished  and on point performance. This attribute has made him an in-demand commodity for indie films and television. Jacob’s been seen in over 2000 episodes of TV. Jacob can recently be

seen on Disney‘s High School Musical and the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Jacob’s love for film has taken him behind the camera producing several new film projects from 2019-present.


Shaun Paul Piccinino - Director

Shaun Paul Piccinino is an award-winning Film and Television Director who currently has 6 Feature films streaming on Netflix. With a gift for creativity and a thirst to entertain others, Shaun has developed a solid reputation for creativity, sincerity, and staying on budget. Shaun utilizes the time he has on set efficiently to achieve the best version of any project.

Shaun's HBO Max Original Holiday Harmony starring Brooke Shields is set to release on November 24th, 2022.

That's a wrap on The Island a new action film from director Shaun Paul Piccinino starring Michael Jai White & Jackson Rathbone.

That’s Amor Tops The Charts at Netflix for 12 days straight, Hitting number 2 in the United States and number 3 worldwide. This marks the 3rd film in a row for Piccinino to make the top 3 list in the world on the streaming giant.

Piccinino's film A California Christmas: City Lights" (Netflix Original) hit Netflix's Top 10 in 73 countries, Number 2 in the UnitedStates, and Number 3 in the world for several weeks!

American Fighter Shaun Paul Piccinino's throwback actioneer get's a limited theatrical release from Lionsgate. The film stars Tommy Flanagan (Sons Of Anarchy), Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints) and newcomer George Kosturos (American Wrestler)

Shaun's film, A California Christmas (Netflix Original) hit's number 1 as the most-watched film worldwide on Netflix! (2 weeks at #1)

Wheels Of Fortune releases on Netflix and trends right away onto the Popular List!

Two of Shaun's films release on Netflix the same weekend and win praise and trend immediately!

Lady Driver and Roped make a splash on Netflix's streaming service.


Rick Balentine - Composer

Rick Balentine is a multi-award-winning composer and instrumentalist who has spent the last 30 years creating rich, heart-pounding, and warm scores for a variety of genres. Directors, producers, editors and music supervisors have high accolades for  his work, as well as his drive for excellence no matter the size of the project. His passion for detail advances his narrative in a compelling way that can be felt in every note.

Rick has composed for a host of shows including Ted Lasso, America’s Next Top Model, NCIS LA, Dancing With the Stars, The Real Housewives of Dallas, The Bachelorette, as well as feature films True Justice, Dragon Eyes, Showing Roots, Never Back Down 2, Red Clover, The Lines of My Hands, and more.

Rick is the former owner of Score LA Music Production in Los Angeles, California, now Rick Balentine Music in Charleston, South Carolina. Rick is presently a co-founder and producer with Temple Gate Films Production Company a multi-genre film and television company.


PAUL RUDDY, CSA will head up the casting for the Freedom film. His experience, award, and connections in the film industry will be an asset to the film and also in finding the perfect talent to fill the roles in this epic film. For two decades, Paul has cast numerous, wide ranging feature films, series and movies for Lifetime, Hallmark, Syfy, Netflix, Disney, Dreamworks, NBC/Universal and AMC. Recent film credits include "Kill Chain" starring Nicolas Cage. Paul is currently doing the LA casting for the series "Creepshow" for AMC/SHUDDER. Paul is a 2020 Daytime Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Casting of a Drama Series ("The Eastsiders"/Netflix).

Paul Ruddy - Casting

Music Director

TENNESSEE JET will join the Freedom team as Music Director,

along with bringing some of his own original music to the film. “Long before Tennessee Jet began crisscrossing America as a one-man band, playing nightly shows full of fuzz guitar, primal percussion, and songs that split the difference between country and raw rock & roll, he traveled the interstates of Oklahoma with his bronc-riding father and barrel-racing mother. Sitting on the bench seat of an old Ford pickup truck pulling a horse trailer while heading to the next rodeo. Country music was always on the radio back then, and those songs — honest, heartfelt classics by icons like Willie Nelson and Dwight Yoakam, both of whom he'd eventually join on tour — left a permanent mark.

Tennessee Jet - Music Director
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