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She was in a good mood as she strolled down the wooden sidewalk toward the Freedom State Bank. Her mood soon changed when she walked inside and saw Jake frown at her from behind the teller’s window. She forced a smile. “Good morning, Jake. How are you today?”

Jake nodded hello. Cheyenne slid her deposit towards him as he glared at her over the top of his wire-rimmed spectacles. The old banker slowly added up the checks and counted the cash. Cheyenne impatiently tapped her foot on the floor as she watched Jake recount the cash again. She let out a long sigh of relief when the banker stopped counting and printed out a receipt. Cheyenne reached for the deposit slip, and Jake pulled it back. He nodded toward his office door and walked away beckoning her to follow him to his office.

Cheyenne’s temperature began to boil. She had a full day of work waiting for her at the lodge and was anxious to return. She was in no mood for one of Jake’s lectures. Determined not to let the old banker spoil her day. She followed him aimlessly into his doorless, bank lobby office. Jake spoke loudly and Cheyenne cringed knowing that everyone in the bank could hear what he had to say. He motioned for her to take a seat, and she knew it was her turn to be humiliated.

With a smug look on his face, Jake announced to the world that her lodge account was overdrawn by two dollars. Cheyenne took a deep breath and defiantly stared him down. “The credit card charges I ran through over the past three-day weekend total more than two-thousand dollars. Those charges will be in your bank by three o’clock this afternoon. That deposit will easily cover the two-dollar overdraft.” Trying hard to maintain her composure, she thought. The old banker is such a fool.

Jake was determined to get the best of her. He insisted again. “The lodge account is overdrawn. I need two more dollars.

Cheyenne thought. The guy is nuts. He’ll have his money by three o’clock today. What more can I do? I don’t have a dime on me. I’m not driving six miles to bring him two dollars. He can wait for the credit card deposit to come through.

She explained again. “There is another deposit coming into your bank by three o’clock to cover the overdraft. Jesus, Jake, give me a break. By the way, if you ever want to speak to me again about my personal banking business put a damned door on your office.”

Cheyenne slammed a closed fist down hard on his desk. It was all she could do to keep from punching him in the face. In a fit of anger, she stood up and quickly backed away. Wild thoughts consumed her. She thought. I’ve had it with you, old man. Why not retire and let someone else run the bank? Don’t waste your lectures on me. I won’t take it. In the future I’ll drive to Woodward to do my banking rather than put up with your nonsense.

She left Jake’s office and bolted through the bank lobby toward the front door. Bank employees, Jake’s relatives, and a handful of customers stared at her with mouths open wide.

She wondered if she’d overstepped her boundaries as she got into her car and drove back to the ranch. She sped across the Cimarron River bridge driving eighty miles an hour and within minutes arrived at the lodge. She saw Rowdy in the parking lot and stepped on the gas and headed straight toward him. He jumped out of the way in time to avoid being run over. Cheyenne hung her head out of the car window and screamed. “Don’t ever ask me to do business with your family bank again. Your uncle Jake is impossible. He needs to lay off me, or I’ll shoot him and then shoot you! I’ve had it, Rowdy!”

Rowdy saw that Cheyenne was livid and crazy out of her mind. He knew better than to say anything. He quickly got into his truck and drove away. He’d never seen her so upset and hoped he’d never see that side of her again.

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