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Freedom Dream Team

Producer/Director Tane McClure Arendts,  Casting Director Ellen Jacoby, Co-writer/Executive Producer/Actress Lisa Varga and Executive Producer/Writer Anita Waggoner are the perfect team. They think alike. Perfection is their middle names. Great projects take time. It's Teamwork that makes the Dream work!!!

Anita Waggoner     Tane McClure Arendts      Lisa Varga      Ellen Jacoby

Lisa Varga, a distinguished actress, writer, and accomplished producer, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Recognized for her outstanding performances in Homeland (Showtime), Game Time: Tackling the Past (NBC), and Marley and Me (Twentieth Century Fox), Lisa earned acclaim as the "best actress" at the Movieville International Film Festival for her compelling portrayal of Janice McKenzie.

Beyond her acting prowess, Lisa is a key figure in the Freedom movie, where she not only takes on the lead role of "Cheyenne" but also serves as the co-writer and co-executive producer. Her exceptional writing skills have garnered numerous awards for the Freedom screenplay. Having enjoyed a thriving career in Hollywood, Lisa made a pivotal decision to return to her roots in South Bend, Indiana, driven by a desire to be closer to her family, particularly after her brother's cancer diagnosis. This journey back home has added depth and purpose to her professional journey, aligning with her values of family, community, and the power of storytelling.

In addition to her contributions to the film and television industry, Lisa dedicates her spare time to managing charitable organizations. Her philanthropic endeavors extend to local and national charities, reflecting a commitment to giving back and sharing her success and blessings with those in need. Lisa Varga's life and career are marked by a profound dedication to both artistic excellence and making a positive impact on the world around her.


Anita Waggoner, a decorated writer, calls Coeur D Alene, Idaho, her home. Combining her entrepreneurial spirit with a rich background in business, writing, and marketing, Anita's journey began with the completion of business college in Seattle. She has donned various hats, serving as a paralegal and office manager for a Seattle law firm and, in the past, as the owner of multiple new car dealerships.

Unyielding in her pursuit of success, Anita is a vivacious, independent woman who fearlessly tackles challenges.

Her venture into the creation of a western guest ranch near Freedom gained widespread recognition, often gracing the pages of local publications and featuring on television shows. Collaborating with Telepictures and Warner Brothers Studio, Anita was instrumental in bringing a reality television show about her life on the Oklahoma dude ranch to life. Her experiences even found their way into a National Enquirer story, further amplifying her presence.

Anita's literary triumph, "Freedom," has transcended its best-selling status to become the source material for an Oscar-worthy screenplay and/or television series. The movie "Freedom" stands as an award-winning testament to Anita's extraordinary life in Freedom, capturing the essence of her compelling journey.


Tane McClure, a stalwart in the realms of film, television, and music, boasts an illustrious career spanning over four decades. With an impressive tally of 40-plus Film Festival Awards and 20 nominations, she stands as a recipient of the esteemed LA Press Club - National Journalism Award.

Tane's versatility extends across various roles, showcasing her talents on both sides of the camera and microphone. She has excelled as an actress, producer, writer, director, editor, VFX artist, film sound designer, and a professional singer. Her acting portfolio includes over 70 films, where she notably portrayed Reese Witherspoon's mother in "Legally Blonde" and left an indelible mark in cult classics like "Crawlspace," "Cruel Intentions 2," "Shadow Hours," and "Go." She also secured a regular co-starring role on the Showtime hit series "Sherman Oaks" and made memorable guest appearances on shows like "Days of Our Lives" and "Bay Watch Nights."

In the realm of music, Tane, recognized as Tane Cain, was a RCA Recording artist with the top 40 single "Holding On." She contributed significantly to the original "Terminator" motion picture soundtrack, writing and performing three songs. With a belief in being "limitless," Tane McClure eagerly embraces the opportunity to collaborate on innovative film projects with like-minded and talented producers and professionals.


Ellen Jacoby embarked on her educational journey at the Mace Private Professional School, where she immersed herself in singing, dancing, and acting. Later, she graduated from Park Ridge High School.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Ellen attended Fairleigh Dickinson University. A brief stint in the clothing industry intervened before she found herself at Franklin College, Indiana, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Education. Her time at Franklin was a whirlwind of activities, from cheerleading to excelling in archery, acting in the drama club, and even moonlighting as a DJ for the college radio station. In her free hours, she showcased her singing talents in local clubs during summer breaks in New York, balancing her passion for modelling and music.


At 21, Ellen made a move to Miami Beach, sustaining her career in modelling and singing. A twist of fate during a performance left her paralyzed from the waist down, leading to six months of intensive rehabilitation. Undeterred, she discovered a new passion—backgammon. Ellen transitioned into a professional backgammon player, competing in international tournaments and clinching over 60 trophies.


Seeking new horizons, Ellen ventured into casting when a friend in Miami invited her to join a casting company. Despite contemplating a return to professional backgammon, she decided to embrace the casting world and eventually established her own company, Ellen Jacoby Casting International.

Ellen's casting prowess is evident in her credits for renowned productions such as Ali, Something About Mary, The Waterboy, Out of Sight, The Truman Show, Birdcage, True Lies, and Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, among others. Her achievements include the CSA Artios Award for outstanding achievement in location casting for Parenthood, with nominations for The Truman Show and The Birdcage.

In 1990, Mayor Alex Daoud of Miami Beach honored her with an award for the World's Greatest Casting Director, designating Ellen Jacoby Day in the city. She earned the title of Woman of the Millennium for the Year 2000 by Miami Metro Magazine. Ellen holds memberships in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and Casting Society of America, and Governor Bush appointed her to the Florida Film Advisory Board. Beyond her professional success, Ellen contributes her time to causes like underprivileged children, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the YWCA.


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