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Freedom Dream Team

Co-writers/Executive Producers Anita Waggoner and Lisa Varga are the perfect team. They think alike. Perfection is their middle names. Great projects take time. It's Teamwork that makes the Dream work!!!

Lisa Varga
Executive Producer

Anita Waggoner
Executive Producer/Writer

Lisa Varga is an award-winning actress, writer, and successful producer. Her most notable acting roles include Homeland (Showtime), Game Time: Tackling the Past (NBC), Marley and Me (Twentieth Century Fox), and she won the "best actress" award at the Movieville International Film Festival for her starring role as Janice McKenzie. Lisa will play the lead role of “Cheyenne” in the Freedom movie. Lisa is also the co-writer and co-executive producer of the Freedom movie. Her writing skills have helped the Freedom screenplay win numerous awards. After having a successful Hollywood career in film and television, Lisa moved from Los Angeles, back to her hometown of South Bend, Indiana to be closer to her family after her brother was diagnosed with cancer. Her passion for family, community, and storytelling enriched her career path and is the driving force behind her success. In her spare time, she also manages her own charitable organizations. Lisa enjoys giving her heart, time, and talents to numerous local, and national charities. She believes in giving back for all the success and blessings she has had over the years. 

Anita Waggoner is an award-winning writer who resides in Coeur D Alene, Idaho. She is a gutsy entrepreneur with an extensive background in business, writing, and marketing. After completing business college in the Seattle area, Anita worked as a paralegal and office manager for a Seattle area law firm and is the past owner of several new car dealerships. She is an outgoing, strong, independent woman who has proved she will stop at nothing to succeed.


The western guest ranch she built near Freedom was often featured in local publications and television shows. She worked with Telepictures and Warner Brothers Studio on the production of a reality television show about her life on the Oklahoma dude ranch. Anita was featured in a National Enquirer story about the results of her reality TV involvement. Her best-selling book “Freedom” has been adapted into an Oscar-worthy screenplay and/or television series. The movie Freedom is an award-winning true story about Anita's life in Freedom.

Lisa Varga and Anita Visit Freedom    Freedom is Anita Waggoner's True Story             Lisa Varga aka Cheyenne Lead Character


Tane McClure is a lifelong film, television, and music professional with over 40-plus Film Festival Awards and 20 nominations as well as earning the coveted LA Press Club - National Journalism Award. Tane has worked on both sides of the camera and microphone as an actress, producer, writer, director, editor, VFX artist, film sound designer, and a professional singer.Tane has acted in over 70 films most notably playing Reese Witherspoon's mom in "Legally Blonde" as well as the cult classic "Crawlspace", "Cruel Intentions 2", "Shadow Hours", "Go", :A Woman Scorned II", regular co-starring role on the hit Showtime series "Sherman Oaks", guest spots on "Days of Our Lives", "Bay Watch Nights", and many more. As a singer, under the name Tane Cain, she was a RCA Recording artist with the top 40 single "Holding On.” She wrote and performed three songs for the original "Terminator" motion picture soundtrack.Tane is a believer in being "limitless" and is excited to be developing new and exciting film projects with other like-minded talented producers and professionals.

Tane McClure Arendts


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