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Enjoy reading an exerpt from my book Freedom... NEW YEAR'S EVE 1996...

The days flew by, and it was New Year’s Eve. When Rowdy saw Cheyenne lay out her New Year’s outfit, he warned, “Take off the diamond rings, they won’t impress anyone in the Freedom bar. I do not want to get mugged. The lace top and those fancy boots will only get you in trouble. Put on the jeans and boots you bought in Oklahoma City.” “No problem! I am going to wear my black fringed jacket though. It is perfect! When I wear it in Arizona it makes me feel like a sexy cowgirl.” Cheyenne was excited about spending New Year’s Eve in Freedom with Rowdy. She did not want to disappoint him by dressing inappropriately. “Okay! Wear the jacket, but don’t lay it down in the bar, someone will walk away with it!” Apprehensive about losing the expensive leather jacket, Cheyenne finished dressing and walked into the kitchen. Rowdy looked her over from head to toe. “When you’re with me, I want you to dress like a west-Texas gal.” Rowdy opened a beer and took a long slow drink. “How the hell do women from west Texas dress?” Rowdy bent over and stacked her long tight jeans around her boot tops and buttoned the top button of her new western shirt. “Now that’s the look! You are officially my west-Texas gal!” Rowdy whistled and grinned, showing his approval.

Rowdy was right about the jeans and simple western boots. Cheyenne walked into the Freedom Saloon feeling confident and determined to fit in. Rowdy admired her style. He liked the way she immediately engaged his friends in conversation when they sat down at the bar. The evening was different than past New Year’s Eve celebrations, but in no time, Cheyenne felt like she belonged. She enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of the Freedom Saloon, and the people she met there. As the evening wore on, she developed a southern drawl and imagined she sounded like she had been raised in west-Texas. Rowdy was proud of his new woman. "Welcome to Freedom, baby!” He said and pulled her close for a kiss and onto the dance floor, “You're the most beautiful woman in here.” Cheyenne looked around the room. She thought, Sadly, I don’t see much competition. The saloon was crowded with lonely men. Women were outnumbered ten to one. Cheyenne asked. “Are the guys married? Where are their wives or dates?” Rowdy laughed, “Their women won’t come in here. Many of my friends are single. There aren’t many women around here to marry let alone call your girlfriend.” Rowdy felt fortunate to be sharing his New Year’s Eve with Cheyenne. Rowdy’s friends were curious to know how they met and where she came from. The more beer Cheyenne drank, the better stories she told. Her tales lit up the eyes of the tired men who listened intently to her every word. She clammed up when they insisted, she tell them what went on between the sheets. She thought, now that is none of your business. The older men in the bar competed for Cheyenne’s attention. Whitey, a rugged cowboy sitting alone at the end of the bar asked, “Do you have any single women friends you can bring to Freedom?” When he smiled Cheyenne saw he had no teeth. Cheyenne could not imagine her city girlfriends enjoying anything about Freedom or the people there. But she was having a fabulous time… she liked being with Rowdy and loved meeting all his crazy friends. She wanted to become a permanent part of Rowdy’s world… It was there in Freedom where she knew she belonged. New Year’s Eve 1996 was the beginning of Rowdy and Cheyenne’s long-term romance… Read the rest of the story in the true story Freedom. Available on Amazon and/or at

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