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FREEDOM by Anita Waggoner

Freedom involves complex characters and their inner struggles. The character’s interpersonal relationships contribute to the books success. It’s a story of survival and true grit and follows in a successful line of popular western-themed dramas. Like many books in this genre, the story focuses on the reader’s undying fascination with cowboys, the sport of rodeo, bull riding, romance and the western way of life. Adult men and women readers alike are empowered and captivated by Anita Waggoner’s uncanny ability to tell it like it is.

Freedom is a story about a tenacious, adventurous socialite who while immersed in a complicated divorce meets a down-and-out cowboy in Las Vegas. Cheyenne runs away from a privileged life in the city to live with the cowboy on his Oklahoma ranch where despite numerous obstacles, she stays for thirteen years. The book is creatively written from a woman’s point of view. It’s a true story that delivers an innovative and intelligent variation on the modern-day western theme. Freedom is based on the writer Anita Waggoner’s unique life experiences.

Anita ran away to Freedom to get away from the heartbreak of a nasty divorce. She stayed for 13 years where she built a western guest ranch and raised rodeo bulls. The picture shows Anita serving her last beer at the Stables Cantina before she got away with barely the shirt on her back.

She dreams about going back one last time to film Freedom in Freedom, Oklahoma... where it all happened and where the story needs to be told.


Freedom is an Americana tale of pure romance, strife, bull riding, alcoholism, deception, heartbreak, survival, and hope. Some may see this film as the ultimate female character driven film, but it’s much more.

Rowdy, an Oklahoma cowboy and Cheyenne, an Arizona socialite meet in Las Vegas during the National Finals Rodeo. They form an unusual bond in this modern-day western drama adapted from the true story Freedom by Anita Waggoner. An unlikely couple forge a long-term relationship full of complication, joy, and tragedy.

Their love affair gives testament to the endurance and power of love.

From the beginning, Rowdy sees Cheyenne’s wealth a means to keep his ranch and fledgling bucking bull business afloat.

Living on Rowdy’s run-down ranch takes Cheyenne some getting used to, as does the rough and tumble country lifestyle.

Cheyenne falls for the hard-living cowboy believing it’s her last shot at happiness. The doomed romance somehow inspires her. Eventually, Cheyenne questions everything she’d expected to find in Freedom. In the end, she’s determined to do what she believes she must do to find true happiness.

Rowdy is a broken-down cowboy who's had one too many drinks way too many times. He tries and fails to stop drinking and find salvation while Cheyenne worries that his self-destructive lifestyle will send him to an early grave.

When Rowdy’s drinking escalates, he becomes a broken man whose chances of giving up the bottle, become an impossible long shot. Conflicting paths and ideals constantly test their relationship.

A Tribute to Marvin Nixon aka Rowdy

By: Anita Waggoner

I grew up dreaming of being a cowgirl And loving the western way. Pursuing the life of my high-riding grandpa I cherished my childhood days.

I learned all the rules from a cowboy named Rowdy… Don’t stick around too long.

Take what you need from the heart of a cowboy and leave before his best days are gone.

Rowdy, he was my hero, And he always will be it seems.

Despite his drinking and odd way of thinking, he helped me realize my dreams.

Rowdy was special with his own brand of misery, From being alone too long.

Though he’s left Freedom I still dream of the cowboy… And cry knowing now that he’s gone.

Ole’ Rowdy he was a cowboy… A good-hearted soul some say.

Old worn-out saddles and old worn-out memories, Just words to an old country song.


"Not everyone who writes gets why Ernest Hemingway or John Steinbeck were such revered authors, but Anita completely understands what makes a good storyteller. I wish she had become an author before her first book in 2010. Then again, all her life experiences were important for her to pen her successful works. A good storyteller must capture the reader on the very first page. She does, and then she goes on to produce a captivating plot with intriguing characters. She creates early on the themes with which she deals consistently and uses direct dialogue to develop her characters and their actions. Her vocabulary portrays vivid descriptions of her surroundings, and she makes the reader feel right there where the action is taking place. Everything she writes about can be visualized. Anita has amazing talent as a writer. She has not only published novels but short stories and books of inspirational quotes and self-help. She has more work out there than what Amazon has listed...a prolific writer in such a short time. She is a woman to be admired!"

“Hi, I finished Freedom and promised you I'd give you a book review so here it is. I'm not a seasoned writer like you or anywhere close!! For you to put down a story on paper and for me to relate to it, I need to force myself to put it down! I have things to do! Not many, or any books do that for me!! I know this is your life, what an amazing crazy, wonderful life you have had. So many stories!”

“I’m about halfway through your book and it is not only interesting but touching. You are a Courageous Cowgirl and a Great author. Maybe I can relate to it because my two brothers and I grew as poor farm kids in Nebraska.”

“Good Morning Anita, Wow, getting first snow 2" this morning, high temps in the upper 20's lows in the teens a good day to curl up with Freedom. I got the books late afternoon yesterday and started reading Freedom last night until I couldn't keep my eyes open! You have natural writing ability I just couldn't put it down!”

“I'm not a reader but I started reading your book this morning and I can’t put it down. I'm on chapter 6 wow what a great interesting book. I so glad to have met you and know what an exciting person you are. Thanks so much for the special enjoyable gift.”

“Your story sounds a lot like my past relationships with women who felt alcohol was more important than I was. I won’t play second fiddle to an addiction. I’ll be waiting for your movie.”

Freedom Reader: “Your book is so good I want to see it on a movie marquee so I can say I knew her.”

“I’ve seen you work on this project for a few years. That’s awesome the film is in the making. Can we have a hint as to who will play Rowdy in the film?”

“I finished your book today and was kept interested from cover to cover.

You experienced many interesting and challenging times in Oklahoma.

Some things made me smile and some brought a tear to my eye.

GREAT JOB! I wish you the best of luck on your movie.

“I really like the short video and can’t wait for the movie to come out.

We don’t know each other but for some reason I feel a sense of being proud of you.

Maybe because I can identify with you, being a poor farm kid that would never give up.

After being in banking for 38 years and president of a $90 million bank I retired at 58. But

there were many struggles along the way. People who have never really had to work don’t

Understand and most don’t have the drive you have.

I wish you the “Best”.

Don’t back away just show everyone what you’re really made of!”

“Hi Anita:

I finished your book a while back and really enjoyed it. Now my son-in-law wants to read it because, as I mentioned,

He grew up around Woodward and remembers going to rodeos in Freedom.

I’m headed down to Woodward, from my home here in Colorado Springs, on Friday for an anniversary celebration of some friends.

I plan to go through Freedom and stop for lunch at The Stables Café.

I will call to make sure they are open.

Have you heard any news lately about that area or have any advice for my trip?

I hope your movie is coming along and can’t wait to watch it.”

“Just heard from a friend, who has a Masters’ Degree in literature. She said that she finished “Freedom” in tears. She said that only a good writer can make that happen.”


A story about Anita Waggoner published in 1999 by her uncle, Ted Moomaw

When Hank Williams sings It’s a Family Tradition it strikes accord in a lot of families for different reasons.

Many of the great Leo Moomaw’s family members have followed the rodeo tradition by competing in various rodeo events.

Anita Rennebohm Waggoner is Leo’s granddaughter. She is following the Moomaw family tradition by raising and contracting bucking bulls.

Anita met former bull rider Marvin Nixon in 1997. At the time he and two partners had a small string of bucking bulls. Anita and Marvin bought out the partners and proceeded to improve the quality and size of their bucking bull herd.

The partnership known as Rocking A Rodeo Company owns 150 head of bucking bulls and about 600 head of other cattle. Their stock roams over 11,000 acres near Freedom, Oklahoma.

When Anita is not at her home on Samish Island, Washington, she spends her time traveling between her second home in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Freedom Oklahoma ranch.

Anita finds true joy in both watching the animals roam the open range of Oklahoma and their high energy action in the rodeo arena. Bull riding requires immense concentration, requiring strong athletic abilities in both animal and rider. Anita is awed by the bull’s power, strength, and personalities.

The Rocking A herd ranges in age from newborn calves to seven-year- old bulls. The mother cows are crossbreds out of Old Mexico. The calves are all sired by Rocking A’s top bucking bulls.

The seasoned bulls perform at PRCA approved rodeos throughout Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, and other Southwestern states.

For the PRCA rodeo’s Rocking A’s bulls are leased to Kansas stock contractor, Bronc Rumford. The bulls are often seen on TNN as they perform at Professional Bull Riders events (PBR) under the Rocking A name. Their bulls have appeared at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Fort Worth, Texas, Billings, Montana, Nampa, Idaho and Spokane, Washington.

During the 1999 PBR tour several of Rocking A’s bulls were awarded sponsor bonuses for their performances. Monster Mash, the prize bull of the ranch, was named “Bud Light Bull of the Week” for his efforts at the Spokane PBR/Bullarama.

The big black bull Monster Mash was raised in the swamplands of Louisiana. Monster Mash had to be kept in a private pen with tall fences or he was off chasing the neighbor’s cows. The bull was described as “unique and stubborn”. He didn’t get along well with the other bulls. Monster Mash was not often ridden even after being tried by the best bull riders in the world. Those who were successful scored in the high 80’s or 90’s.

Rocking A’s bulls Monster Mash and Bull Durham were selected to appear at the PBR finals in Las Vegas in 1999.

The showcase of the PRCA is the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) held in Las Vegas in December of each year. In 1998 Monster Mash and Cobra bucked at the NFR and Bull Durham stood by in the alternate pen. Four of Anita and Marvin’s bulls were nominated for the NFR in 1999.

Some of Rocking A’s good bulls were Mr. Twister, Splatter Cat, Ice Man, and Sting Ray. Sting Ray remained unridden during the 1999 season. Another of their bulls, Cookie Monster also gained recognition of the fans and riders.

Young bull riders get a lot of practice during regular buck-outs at the Rocking A’s ranch arena near Freedom. Most of the cowboys who drop by for a ride are from Northwestern State College in Alva, Oklahoma. One young man who is being well schooled in the art of bull riding is Lane Nixon, Marvin’s sixteen-year-old son. Lane won several state and regional championship for his bull riding skills.

Four of Rocking A’s bulls were sold at the NFR Bucking Bull Sale in Las Vegas in 1999; and several others were sold at the IFR bull sale in Oklahoma City in 2000.


Anita Waggoner presently resides in Coeur D Alene, Idaho. A gutsy entrepreneur with an extensive marketing and writing background, she’s an outgoing, strong independent woman who has lived a life most would only dream of.

Anita has the creative ability to show readers how to overcome hurdles and disappointments in their own lives. Her stories are generally based somewhat on personal life experiences. The writer has an uncanny propensity to move the story forward. Once a reader opens a book written by Anita Waggoner, they don’t want to put it down.

After going through a lengthy and difficult divorce, Anita walked away from a privileged lifestyle in the city and moved to the small country cow town, Freedom, Oklahoma… population 285. She invested in a 3400-acre ranch near Freedom where she built an exclusive western guest ranch and entertained guests from around the world.

Together with her Oklahoma cowboy partner, Marvin Nixon, they raised famous rodeo bulls that performed at PRCA and PBR events in New York City, Las Vegas, and many other cities across the country.

While in Oklahoma, Anita and her unique business ventures were regularly featured in local newspaper publications. She appeared on Oklahoma based television shows Discover Oklahoma and Doc Geiger's Outdoor Sports. In 2004 Reality TV came knocking. Anita worked for a year with Telepictures and Warner Brothers Studio on the production of a reality television show about life on a dude ranch. Anita was subsequently featured in in an expose’ about her Reality TV involvement in the National Enquirer.

Her books: Freedom, Myrtle’s Story, Jam Packed, The Life Lies and Legend of a Gambling Man, and Huckleberry Ridge are available on Amazon.

Anita writes screenplays based on her novels. The Freedom film project is presently in development and is expected to be released in 2021.

Author Anita Waggoner, granddaughter of Omak rodeo legend Leo Moomaw attended her first rodeo when she was just a few days old. Born into a local rodeo family, her love for the sport began at a young age. Her grandfather was a stock contractor and one of the early founders of the Omak Stampede and Suicide Race. His bucking stock was well-known across many state lines.

Anita met Marvin Nixon an Oklahoma cowboy at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. They fell in love and she went from living the life of a socialite to being an owner of a large Oklahoma ranch. Anita credits her success and ability to carry on the family rodeo tradition to the examples of greatness her granddad instilled in her as a child.

Anita and Marvin raised rodeo bulls on the Freedom ranch. As PBR stock contractors their bulls performed at many PBR and PRCA rodeo events around the United States.

Anita Waggoner writes about her experiences in the award-winning novel Freedom. She is a professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in writing and producing award winning projects.

Nobody and nothing will stop her from pursuing her dreams! Come Hell or high water! She vows to reach her goals or die trying! Anita Waggoner is no quitter!

Anita continually reaches out to other cowgirls hoping to add many to her social media platforms. Women need women friends too!

Anita Waggoner writes modern day westerns and enjoys the western way of life! Thank you to those of you who have accepted her friend requests! You will love the Freedom film! It’s in the works!

“You are worthy, you are enough, and you are amazing! Trust your inner voice and listen to your intuition as it brings more clarity for better decision making. When you have optimism, cheerfulness and gratitude you have all that you need within to achieve your dreams and desires. Stop and feel grateful! Stay centered, focused and balanced throughout trying times. Remember there’s always a rainbow after the storm.”

Anita Waggoner ~ Writer

A COWGIRL STORY - Written By: Hailey Kinsel

Being a cowgirl means more than just the clothes we wear, the horses we ride, or the job we do. A cowgirl is a person who upholds the values that were set before her by the original cowgirls. Those values of integrity, loyalty, and diligence are the foundation of the breed, coupled by a sheer toughness that is coated in a thick layer of grace.

Being a cowgirl is a role we play in our families, on our properties, and in our communities. It means being able enough to work alongside the men when needed, to being classy enough to step back and support when the time comes for that too. It means caring for our home, land, and animals the way God blessed us to as stewards of those gifts. It means stepping up to help those weaker than us and having the humility to build up those who are stronger.

Being a cowgirl is about being strong enough to handle adversity. Building up that strength is a choice that must be made every day. As a cowgirl, you don’t shy at the hard jobs, the fresh horses, or the tough conversations. You choose to enter each day with a strength that is God-given and human-developed.

Being a cowgirl requires bravery in every situation. It takes courage and heart to deal with adversity, make the most of it, and not get whipped by it. It means taking over the reins even when you feel inferior and telling yourself “I am capable” until you believe it. Knowing it is never easy, but always worth it, and staring fear in the eyes until fear is the one scared of you.

Being a cowgirl is someone we can all be. We all possess a little bit of cowgirl on the inside, and if or how we choose to raise up that cowgirl is up to us. I challenge you to find your inner cowgirl and tell her it’s time to put our big girl boots on and deal with it. 2021 may not be an easy one, but cowgirls have never needed easy – we cowgirls thrive on tough, because we’re made of it.

“Allow your fears to disappear and work on achieving your goals. Let passion and faith rule your thoughts. Remember there is something magical happening behind the curtain. Explore the unknown and release your fears. Be a beacon of positivity... smile and the world smiles with you... and never ever give up on your dreams!

Persistence, hard work, and patience are the key values to achieving a gratifying life. The most important value to live by is gratitude. Without gratitude, you won’t appreciate how far you’ve come. Remember to always celebrate and share your small victories. Negotiations continue with film company. All is good!

Get ready for positive events to happen. Don’t give up! Go in the directions of your dreams. You are the writer of your own life story. Write a good one. Happy Friday! Remember to love without limits and express your creativity and vision without holding back. You have everything you need to succeed.

Soar high but stay grounded. It’s an honorable achievement. Keep at it!”

Anita Waggoner ~ Writer

FREEDOM a story of TRUE GRIT...

Enjoy listening to the demo video and Joni Harms song Unfaithful... created for the Freedom film.

Anita was thrilled to work with Joni Harms on the Freedom song! Joni created an award winner. Unfaithful could win song of the year at the CMA’s! Sad song but true. Joni managed to capture my Freedom story in the song she calls Unfaithful!

I love you to the moon, Joni! Anita

Joni Harms has a warm sincerity and ease to her voice that shines through in her stories and in the melodies of a country/western song. She makes you feel like you are part of the experience she sings about, it’s as if the words in her songs are only for you.

Joni is a pioneer who writes and performs songs about country lifestyles. She has a unique voice and style of blending musical sounds. Wherever she performs around the world, she draws large crowds of appreciative fans.

Joni Harm’s Video’s and CDs are available at

Anita is thankful to have lived the cowboy way for 13 years. Her story involves bucking bulls, the wind, red dirt, rattle snakes, fire, romance and many good times. Quite different than the life she knew before she met Marvin Nixon aka Rowdy. You can live the life through her eyes in her book Freedom available on Amazon. Her story will take you to a place most only dream of. Both men and women alike will enjoy the Freedom story.

Oh, give her a home... where the lonesome cattle roam! Anita misses the country life! There is something about Oklahoma that makes a body feel at home. Her book Freedom is about life in the little town of Freedom, Oklahoma, population 285. She lived in Freedom for 13 years and built Cedar Canyon Lodge at the entrance to Alabaster Caverns State Park.

“Remember to enjoy every minute of every day... life can be over in the blink of an eye.”

Anita Waggoner ~ Writer

It was a pain setting the Tee Pee's up in the hard red dirt... Anita laughed as she remembered a local guy named Bull who struggled to put them up. A strong wind blew through and wrapped him in the canvas and threw him to the ground. Bull was raging mad as he clawed his way out from under the heap of canvas. The beautiful tipi's lasted one season in the windy elements of the prairie and eventually made a good cover for the hay in the barn. Such a pity it was... they were beautiful. Anita has truly lived a full life.... so many great memories!

“Remember don't let yesterday's history interfere with your destiny! Move forward toward the life you want. You have the power and the time to shape your own life. Make each day the best you can... and remember... dreams do come true!”

Anita Waggoner ~ Writer

Cheyenne dreamed of being a cowgirl... she loved the cowboy way... still waiting for contract from studio... what's another word for patience? They say good things are worth waiting for.

Here's a little teaser from Freedom:

When Cheyenne’s husband reveals he’s involved with another woman and wants a divorce, she’s devastated. Her best friend Katie insists Cheyenne join her on a trip to Las Vegas to get away from the heartbreak of the situation.

While in Las Vegas, Cheyenne and Katie play blackjack in the Golden Nugget where they meet Rowdy and Tim cowboys from the small town, Freedom, Oklahoma who are in Las Vegas to enjoy the National Finals Rodeo. An odd couple from the get-go, Cheyenne and Rowdy have an immediate connection. Katie and Tim go along for the ride.

Read her story in the book Freedom available on Amazon... soon to be told on the big screen.

“Remember to start your day with optimism, cheerfulness and gratitude. You have all that you need within to achieve your dreams and desires. Stop and feel grateful for all that you have in your life. Stay centered, focused and balanced and magic will appear. Trust your inner voice and listen to your intuition as it brings more clarity for better decision making”.

“If you’ve always wanted to start a new side hustle, do it! Step into the direction of your desire with passion and confidence. It's a great time to remove old patterns and embrace new beginnings. Create a positive space for abundance to enter your life. Take this opportunity to know more about yourself. Breathe in and breathe out, and don’t let anything negative get to you. Remember you are in complete control!”

Anita Waggoner ~ Writer

Walking away from people and hurtful relationships means you love yourself enough to not allow anyone to disrupt your peace. If you have loved and lost in the past, it doesn’t mean your quest to find a loving relationship should end there. Loving yourself is healing too! Learn from it and remember it’s never too late to let love back in. You deserve it! You don’t need anyone’s permission. If it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to ... walk away and look again.

Anita sometimes worries that she’s waited too long after leaving Freedom to give love a second chance... but some say practice can make you good at anything. We should all practice opening our hearts to love.

Freedom was a place Anita went to set herself free... it was a place where she found love and the desire to believe. For a while, at least she found a willingness to be happy and to persevere. Freedom was sometimes easy and sometimes hard, but while she was there, she made the decision to press forward, just as she does today. She keeps on believing and stretching things to the limit to see her dreams fulfilled.

There's no achieving without believing. Anita still believes in magic, and she will get her film Freedom produced for the world to see. Freedom will make a believer out of you, too!

Anita Waggoner ~ Writer

What you should know about the film FREEDOM

This true Americana film involves complex characters and their inner struggles. Freedom is a story of survival and true grit. Like many prior films in this genre, the story focuses on an undying fascination with the western way of life, cowboys, the sport of rodeo, bull riding, romance, determination and the effect alcoholism can have on relationships. Adult men and women movie goers alike will be empowered and captivated by writer Anita Waggoner’s uncanny ability to tell it like it was. Stay tuned... we get closer every day! Freedom is on the way!

FREEDOM POEM by Anita Waggoner

F... is for family and friends so dear.

R... is so I remember things clear.

E... is for easy as life used to be. for eternal love I feel for thee. for the good days gone by... for optimism believe it or die. for magic get out there and try.

“When in doubt listen to your heart as it knows the way. Believe that good things are coming. How do I know? My heart tells me it’s so! Remember to be bold and courageous. Give yourself permission to be all you can be. So much to do and so little time. God Bless... stay strong!”

Focus on your blessings! If you pour good vibrations out into the world, I believe they will come back ten-fold. Remember to appreciate newfound friends they have come into your life for a reason. Enjoy everything and everyone around you. When you focus your energy on the positives nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. I do declare!

Always be a beacon of energy so no one and nothing can knock you down. As you wake up each day, remember, you are one step closer to your dreams.”

Anita Waggoner ~ Writer

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