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Rowdy felt ashamed and embarrassed about his surroundings. He sensed that Cheyenne came from a much better place. He feared Cheyenne might not accept or understand his lifestyle.

Rowdy was just a good-ole-country-boy who was raising his twelve-year-old son while living on his parents’ ranch. He planned to live there until Wade finished high school. Wade’s mom never came around to see her son and Rowdy liked it that way. He saw his daughter Cassie during the summer months and on holidays. It wasn’t a pleasant existence, but it was the way it was. Rowdy thought. How can I expect Cheyenne to like it here? I can’t stand it myself. Rowdy often wished his situation were different, but he couldn’t quite figure out how to change things.

Rowdy didn’t understand how a woman like Cheyenne could be interested in him. Their lifestyles were as different as night and day. He thought. Why do I feel such an attraction to her? Could it be love? Rowdy didn’t have the answer. Despite their differences, Rowdy couldn’t wait to see Cheyenne again.

Rowdy was anxious to show his new woman around Freedom. He hoped Cheyenne would be comfortable in his surroundings. He warned her to bring warm clothes. There weren't any restaurants open in Freedom over the holidays. He wondered what he would feed her and hoped Wade and his parents would approve. He thought. It’s silly to worry. If it works out it will be great. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to live with the consequences.

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