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IT'S FREEDOM FRIDAY... HERE'S ANOTHER EXERPT FROM MY BOOK FREEDOM: The Golden Nugget limo pulled up to the curb in front of Southwest Airlines. Rowdy kissed her goodbye. Katie and Cody shared a quick kiss. The Oklahoma cowboys reluctantly exited the car and hurried toward the airport terminal.

Cheyenne lowered the window and yelled. "Goodbye cowboy. Thanks for the fun time. Call me.” Cheyenne was suddenly sad to see Rowdy go.

Rowdy waved and blew her a kiss. “Goodbye beautiful. I’ll see you again soon.”

Cheyenne's emotions overwhelmed her when Rowdy walked away. Her life was once again in turmoil. Ryan was gone and Rowdy had just waltzed in and out of her life. Cheyenne wanted to chase after the Oklahoma cowboy and beg him to stay. Her heart ached, yet she was grateful. The meeting with Rowdy showed her that she would fall in love again.

Cheyenne tried to make sense of what was going on in her life. She’d loved Ryan and had given her marriage all she had to give. She said aloud. “It’s just not fair.”

Katie was glad to see the cowboy's go. She let out a sigh and sat back into her seat. She saw the heartbroken look on Cheyenne’s face and felt sorry for her friend. She worried that the Las Vegas trip had been a mistake. Katie wanted to see Cheyenne smile again. The limousine moved away from the airport and headed back to the Golden Nugget. Katie was consumed with wild memories of the whirlwind weekend. She broke into hysterical laughter. Katie couldn’t stop laughing. She was surprised to hear Cheyenne laugh, too. ANITA WAGGONER'S BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.

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