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The movie Freedom involves complex characters and their inner struggles. The character’s interpersonal relationships will contribute to the film’s success. Freedom is a story of survival and true grit that follows in a successful line of popular western-themed dramas. Like other films in this genre, the story focuses on an undying fascination with cowboys, the sport of rodeo, bull riding, romance, and the western way of life. Adult men and women viewers alike will be empowered and captivated by writer Anita Waggoner’s uncanny ability to tell it like it is.

The film Freedom is about a tenacious, adventurous socialite who while immersed in a complicated divorce meets an Oklahoma cowboy in Las Vegas. Cheyenne runs away from a privileged life in the city to live with the cowboy on his Oklahoma ranch where despite unwavering obstacles, she stays for thirteen years. Freedom is a true story that delivers an innovative and intelligent variation on the modern-day western theme as told from a woman's point of view.

Freedom is based on the writer Anita Waggoner’s unique life experiences. Anita ran away to a place called Freedom to get away from the heartbreak of a nasty divorce. She built a western guest ranch and bought into the cowboy’s rodeo bull business and stayed in Freedom for thirteen years.

The Best Bucking Bull Film of the Decade!


The movie Freedom is an Americana tale of pure romance, strife, bull riding, alcoholism, deception, heartbreak, survival, and hope. Freedom is the ultimate female character driven film.

Rowdy, an Oklahoma cowboy and Cheyenne, an Arizona socialite met in Las Vegas during the National Finals Rodeo. They form an unusual bond in this modern-day western drama adapted from writer Anita Waggoner's book Freedom. An unlikely couple, they forge a long-term relationship filled with complication, joy, and tragedy. Their love affair gives testament to the endurance and power of love.

From the beginning, Rowdy considers Cheyenne’s wealth a way to keep his ranch and fledgling bucking bull business afloat. The rough and tumble country lifestyle on Rowdy’s run-down ranch takes Cheyenne some getting used to.

Cheyenne falls for the hard-living cowboy believing it is her last shot at happiness. The doomed romance somehow inspires her. Eventually, however, Cheyenne questions everything she imagined she would find in Freedom. In the end, she is determined to do what she believes she must do to find true happiness.

Rowdy has had one too many drinks too many times. He tries and fails to stop drinking and find salvation while Cheyenne worries that Rowdy's self-destructive lifestyle will send him to an early grave.

Rowdy’s drinking escalates. He becomes a broken man whose chances of giving up the bottle, become an impossible long shot. Conflicting paths and ideals constantly test the relationship.

In the end, Cheyenne has no more to give. Does she go or does she stay? Neither can deny the love between them. Is it possible to say goodbye and walk away when the love remains strong? The movie Freedom will move you and leave you wondering about life's choices.

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