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Determined to escape the heartache of divorce, a socialite meets a down-and-out Oklahoma cowboy in Las Vegas. She leaves a perfect world to live with him on his isolated ranch. She invests in his bull business and learns to survive in a tough man’s world.


Freedom is an inspirational new-day western drama/romance inspired by writer Anita Waggoner’s true story Freedom. It is a love story about a heartbroken woman who is blind-sided by her ex-husband. After a nasty divorce, she feels a little jaded and gun-shy. It will take a special kind of man to break her walls down. Her greatest fear is losing someone she loves. The wealthy woman meets a down-and-out cowboy in Las Vegas. The cowboy sees her situation as an opportunity to improve his life. She is vulnerable and attracted to the cowboy’s good looks and charm and falls hard and fast in love. The chance Las Vegas meeting changes both of their lives forever. The cowboy invites her to visit him on his Oklahoma ranch. Their romance escalates, and, despite great lifestyle differences, they fall in love.


She leaves a perfect world to live with the cowboy on his run-down ranch. She is determined to make the best of things. The cowboy’s lifestyle doesn’t offer much. She sees him struggle to survive and figure out how to find a place in his world. Her business side kicks in. She invests money in his bull business and run-down ranch. She shows her strength and learns to survive in a tough man’s world.


Her love is so great that she gives it her all even when intense rebellion, criticism, and conflict ensue. When she starts to invest money and turn the ranch and bull business into a success, the cowboy’s pride slips away. He drinks more and more. He changes. He steals money from the business and treats her differently. Pushing her away is the only way he knows.


When everything comes to a head, he realizes his actions have ruined the relationship. Does he admit that his pride and ego cannot withstand him being a kept man? He wants to do better. Is it too late? He loves her.


When you love as they loved you are willing to go to the end of the earth and beyond. You see things in a person that others cannot. You do what you know in your heart is the best thing you can do regardless of what the rest of the world might think.


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