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Western films are HOT right now. The biggest trends in the film industry today are low budget, independent, high-concept western films. The television series Yellowstone and others like it have created a strong market for authentic western films. Female character driven films are also all the rage, and are raking in high box office revenues. Lower budget films like Freedom have a potential for a higher return on a percentage basis than big studio films. Once costs and marketing expenses are recovered, all monies received become pure profit.


The Freedom film will be produced with recognized actors and crew using the highest creative and technical standards available.


Revenue predictions based on historic sales performances for films like Freedom are in the $50 Million and higher range. There exists a hungry indie film audience presently not being served by larger studios. Freedom's core audience will be adult men and women who enjoy the western way of life and who appreciate an authentic, unique film. Audiences pay to see a great film, no matter what size the budget or who is in it. Our goal is to make Freedom a classic that will be around forever.

Why not invest in the movie Freedom and have some good old fashion fun? You will be involved in the entire film process and get to know our amazing cast and crew. Our Freedom film family will show you the time of your life. We are offering a handful of investment options each with different perks. Do you want to have a walk on part in the film? Do you want to see your name in the film credits as an Executive Producer, or to be invited to film festivals and award ceremonies? Or enjoy western style meals while you hang out with actors and crew on the set?


Freedom investment opportunities range from the entire $4.2 million dollar budget to lesser amounts needed to meet pre-production costs. We are assembling a comprehensive production package to be presented through Buffalo 8 to sales agents and distribution companies and potential film funding sources over  the next few weeks.

Funds received will be used for film production purposes only. Our goal is to begin filming by the end of March 2023.

Primary investor: Will receive 120% of their initial investment and be in first position for recoupment after payment of production debt. Thereafter, net film profits may be split 50/50 between producer and investor over a five year period following the release of the film. Terms to be negotiated by the parties before funds are deposited in escrow.



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